Warranty and returns

UAB "Rojaus baldai" (hereinafter - the Seller) provides a 2-year quality guarantee for the products sold in the www.rojaus-baldai.lt online store (hereinafter - the E-store). The beginning of the warranty period is considered to be the day of handing over the product to the buyer, when the Buyer signs the act of acceptance of the product when picking up the product at the Seller's warehouse or delivered by courier.


When collecting the goods, the Buyer must check the outer packaging of the goods for any damage that may have occurred during transportation. If the Buyer notices any damage to the packaging, he must inform the Seller immediately.

After receiving goods of inadequate quality, the buyer applies to the Seller with a request to assess the existing defects of the goods and to make a decision on the exchange or return of the goods.

The buyer can inform the seller about the return by e-mail or by visiting the store. When filling out the  product return form, please indicate your contact details, order number, reason for return, attach photos or video footage of the product. The seller undertakes to inform the buyer about the compliance of the product with the conditions of return and to return the money or replace the product within 14 days.


We deliver furniture free of charge throughout Lithuania excluding Kuršiu Nerija. Delivery to the Kuršių Nerija is charged extra. The delivery price is calculated upon request, it varies depending on furniture dimensions.

White-glove furniture moving service for large items is free of charge. If you need this service, please let us know in advance. 

Unloading of furniture takes place at the place where the vehicle can get closest to the object without violating road traffic rules. Please ensure that there is a free access to the facility.

We deliver orders by our own transport or by courier, we will inform you about the delivery time after placing the order. Goods are delivered only on working days, i.e. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

 You can also pick up your order free of charge at our warehouse: Sodybų g. 8, Aukštelkė, Šiaulių raj. LT-80181.

Conditions for returning goods

  • It is preferable that the product is in the original manufacturer's packaging
  • The product must be complete
  • The product must be unused, clean, in good condition
  • The buyer must provide purchase documents: receipt or VAT invoice
  • Furniture that has been assembled or started to be assembled cannot be returned
  • Furniture purchased on installments cannot be returned
  • Custom-made furniture cannot be returned

The Seller reserves the right not to accept the goods returned by the Buyer if the Buyer does not comply with these conditions for returning goods.

Returning goods after purchasing defective goods

The Seller undertakes to return low-quality, wrongly assembled goods or goods not ordered by the buyer to his warehouse and/or replace them with high-quality, suitable goods, to pay the transportation costs or, if the Buyer wishes, to return the money paid.
During the warranty period, the Seller undertakes to repair product defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer within 30 working days free of charge. The call of the seller's warranty service specialist, due to a product defect that was not caused by the manufacturer's fault, is charged according to the rates valid at that time.

Return of goods that didn't meet expectations

The buyer (individuals) in accordance with Article 6.22810, paragraph 1 of the Civil Code, has the right within 14 days to cancel the remotely concluded sales contract and to return goods that do not meet expectations. Returned goods must be unused, packed in undamaged original packaging, in full set, with labels, only changes to the appearance of the packaging that were necessary to inspect the product are allowed. Transportation costs to the Seller's warehouse are paid by the Buyer. Legal entities are not granted a 14-day right of return. The seller undertakes to inform the buyer about the compliance of the product with the return conditions and to return the money within 14 days.

Product return form

Fill out and sign the product return form. Send by e-mail to [email protected], attach purchase documents, add photos or a video if available.

What will void the warranty?

  • If the Buyer did not follow the rules for product care and use (use of chemical cleaners, keeping hot, wet items on furniture, etc.)
  • Defects caused by the Buyer's fault when assembling the product not according to the instructions
  • If the furniture was placed on an uneven surface and this could affect its quality
  • If the product was damaged (broken, scratched, torn, stained fabric/leather) after delivery and handling over to the Buyer
  • If the product was damaged due to force majeure
  • If the product was not used for its intended purpose
  • Warranty is not applicable for glass and mirrors 

Product defects are not considered

  • Changes in appearance due to natural wear and tear (creasing of fabric/leather, decrease/increase in elasticity, change in the appearance or shape of the most frequently used seating areas, color unevenness when the furniture is kept in direct sunlight, etc.)
  • Short-term smell of fabric or wood the furniture is made 
  • Product defects the Buyer was informed in advance and agreed to it (if the product was offered for purchase at a lower price due to this defect/s)
  • Discrepancy of the product dimensions by up to 3 cm to the greater or lesser side from those presented in the product drawing or the webshop product card
  • Changes in appearance or shape during storage or transportation that gradually disappear after starting to use the product
  • Technological solutions (technological seams, zippers, locks, etc.) are used to complete the product and fulfill its functionality.
  • Changes in the shade of the fabric, shadows depending on the lighting, viewing angle, for certain fabrics - a change in the direction of the texture of the fabric when touched
  • When the Buyer orders the product or its accessory at different times. When ordering the same product or its accessory in another period, the shade of the fabric, the color of the wood, the pattern may differ due to the remaining components of the new product in stock

Rules for the use and warranty service of furniture and mattresses

24 months is granted for cabinet furniture, except for mechanisms. warranty. Mechanisms must be lubricated once every six months. Mechanisms have 12-month warranty.

The furniture must be assembled according to instructions, avoiding careless impacts and scratches. When assembling the furniture, it is recommended to cover the floor to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging it. We recommend entrusting furniture assembly to professionals, as incorrect assembly can affect the quality, durability and comfort of use of the furniture.

Place the furniture only in dry, ventilated rooms, on a smooth and firm surface.

Do not place the furniture near fireplaces, radiators or other heat sources, protect from direct sunlight, as this accelerates fading.

Avoid open fire and moisture. The most optimal ambient temperature is +5°C - +25°C, relative air humidity 45-50%.

Use only non-abrasive cleaning products intended for furniture care to clean the surfaces of cabinet furniture.

Upholstered furniture must be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner, using a special nozzle for upholstered furniture.

Protect the furniture from mechanical damage, try not to stain it.

It is advisable to clean the stains immediately before they become too absorbed. Clean with a clean flannel, felt or plush cloth dampened in water.

Dėmių nusausinimui ir valymui naudoti popierinius rankšluosčius arba švarią, minkštą šluostę. Negalima džiovinti, lyginti lygintuvu.

Use paper towels or a clean soft cloth to dry and clean stains. Do not dry or iron.

The buttons on the furniture must not be twisted, pulled, or flipped, the fastening of the buttons may break, if such cases are found, the warranty repair will not be carried out.

Painted metal surfaces cannot be cleaned mechanically. It is advisable to use cleaning agents specially designed for painted metal surfaces or household household cleaning agents without abrasive particles and bleaching properties (eg: washing powder).

Wipe wet surface thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.

To clean cabinet furniture, use only special care products, which you can also purchase in our showroom.

Do not jump, stand or sit on the armrests and backrests of upholstered furniture. Do not place heavy objects with sharp corners on the furniture.

When using furniture, pay attention to covers, blankets. Remember that dyeing, especially colored textiles (especially denim) can leave stains on skin and tapestry that may not be removed.

Never use aggressive substances to clean the leather - stain removers, cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils or chemical solvents.

Leather is a natural product, so the marks and imprints on it are proof of its naturalness and in no way a defect.

If you choose high-quality furniture with a combination of feathers and polyurethane, you need to know that the furniture will be soft, plump, the upholstery will have a loose effect, because this is the only way to feel the comfort provided. We recommend changing the pillows regularly.

In upholstered furniture, additional folds and folds appear over time, this is not a sign of a defect, it is a normal phenomenon and an inevitable feature of upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture has a permissible looseness of the upholstery, different components and fabrics of the furniture have different permissible rates of stretching or wear.

Due to compression, body weight and heat, body and air humidity and other circumstances, the direction of fabric fluff may change slightly, which creates the appearance of a "stain" due to light reflection. This is a typical product feature and does not mean a deterioration in quality.

Fix the legs firmly, if there is no padding under the leg, be sure to glue sto avoid damage to your floor.

For safety reasons, it is recommended to fasten all cabinet furniture to walls or stable partitions to prevent the furniture from falling over.

Do not push or pull furniture to rearrange it. Lift off the floor and move or dismantle and assemble in the desired location. 

 Do not place TV's, flower pots or other heavy objects on unsuitable areas. Do not put items weighing more than 5 kilograms in drawers or shelves.

Natural wear and tear of the product or a change in its properties are not considered a quality defect. Inconsistencies in the texture of natural wood, laminated chipboard, edging, natural leather or furniture fabric shade are not considered a defect in the quality of the product.

The transformation mechanisms used in the furniture are made of metal, so when in use, they can emit additional sounds, and they need to be lubricated regularly.

The warranty applies to product defects that have occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer.

Please note that due to different resolution settings of computer and mobile devices screens, as well as different lighting conditions when photographing products, the actual shade of the product may differ from the one shown in the photo.

The return and exchange of goods is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the CC of the Republic of Lithuania and the resolution of the LRV "On the approval of retail trade rules" (No. 738, 22.07.2014) in the current version. If the legislation changes, we will update the information.

 If you want to know more about returns and refunds, contact us by e-mail [email protected] or call +370 41 37475