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Rules for handling personal data  

UAB "Rojaus baldai", company code 302520294, registered at Sodybų st. 8, Aukštelkė, Šiauliai district. LT-80181, Lithuania is the owner and data controller of the website

This privacy and cookies policy (hereinafter - the Policy) applies in cases when visitors browse UAB "Rojaus baldai" (hereinafter - the Company) online store (hereinafter - the E-store), place orders for goods, send us requests by e-mail or using the request form. This Policy does not apply when you browse the websites of other companies, accessing through links from our E-store. We collect visitor data in compliance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, the laws on the protection of personal data of the European Union, other related legal acts and the instructions of controlling authorities.

Newsletter subscription 

The newsletter can be subscribed at the footer of the website by entering your e-mail address in the "Newsletter subscription" field.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, your e-mail we will use the email address to send information about the Company's products, applicable discounts, offers and other news. After sending the newsletter message, the Company may collect statistical data about how users behave with the message, for example, whether they open the email. emails, which links they click on, which devices they use and their technical characteristics. Your data will not be transferred to third parties.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, click on the link in the received newsletter - "Unsubscribe" or contact [email protected]


Consent to the use of cookies. In order to allow you to use our e-shop, we need to obtain your consent to the use of cookies. For this purpose, a message is displayed in the lower part of the e-store, in which we inform you about the use of cookies and ask you to familiarize yourself with the rules for the use of cookies and choose: to allow the use of all cookies by pressing the "Allow all cookies" button; configure - allow technically mandatory and statistical and/or usability cookies. If you do not agree, but continue to browse the E-store, it will be considered that you agree to the use of technically mandatory cookies.

Data we collect

Using cookies, we collect data about the actions of visitors while browsing our e-store. The types of cookies and their purpose are presented in the table below.

We responsibly protect the collected data about the visitors of the e-shop against loss, unauthorized use and alteration. Employees of UAB "Rojaus Baldai" have a written commitment not to disclose or distribute to third parties the information received at the workplace about the company's customers, including visitors to the e-shop. 

Use of cookies 

When you visit the e-shop, we aim to ensure that the information and website functions are tailored just for you. Cookies are required for this. These are small pieces of information stored in your web browser. They help us to recognize you as a previous visitor to the E-shop, save the history of your visit to the website and adapt the content accordingly. Cookies also help ensure the smooth operation of the website, allow you to monitor the duration and frequency of visits to the E-shop and collect statistical information about the number of visitors. Analyzing this data, we can improve the e-shop, make it more convenient for you. By visiting the e-store, you can indicate whether you agree to the use of cookies. If you do not agree to cookies being saved on your computer or other device, you can withdraw your consent to their use at any time by changing the options and deleting the saved cookies. 

Information about the cookies

Name | Description | Creation time/Expiry date 

 CMSSESSIDX | A standard cookie used to maintain the user session during page entry | until closing the website window cookies

Agree | A cookie to recognize whether you have agreed to the use of cookies on our website | After giving consent / Until deletion cookies

LevelX | A cookie that differentiates which cookies you allow to be used on our site | After consent / Until deletion 

 _ga | This cookie is used by the Google Analytics tool to evaluate the goals of the user's visit, to prepare reports on website activity for website operators, so that they can improve the customer's experience when visiting the website | After giving consent / 2 years 

 _gat | This cookie is used for Google Analytics to collect statistical information about the website visit | After the first visit to the page / Until the end of the session 

 _gid | This cookie is used by Google Analytics to recognize the person during the first visit to the page / 2 days country This cookie is used to select the website language. | At the time of the first entry to the page / 1st anniversary country

_lang | This cookie is used to select the country of the site. | After choosing a country / Until the end of the session 

 To learn more about cookies, such as how to manage or delete them, you can visit You can visit to learn how to stop the tracking of web pages by Google Analytics cookies.

Types of cookies 

Cookies are session and persistent and first or third party cookies. Below we will explain what these terms mean so that you can better understand what the cookies we use are and what their purpose is.

Session cookies

Session cookies allow you to be recognized during one visit to our website, so that all page changes or options are remembered when traveling from one page to another. These cookies allow you to move quickly and easily through the many pages of the website, so that you do not have to reprocess the information each time you visit a new place. Session cookies are temporary and are deleted as soon as you close your browser or log out of the website. Persistent cookies Persistent cookies are cookies that remain on your computer for a set period of time after the end of the browsing session, so they can record certain user options or actions when the website is visited again.

First-party cookies are cookies that are necessary for the e-shop to function properly.

Third-party cookies are cookies used by other organizations through our website. Google Analytics cookies are used in our e-shop to analyze website traffic. Google Analytics anonymously collects information about the number of visitors, the location from which our website was accessed and which parts of the website were browsed by visitors. These cookies are created for Google Analytics. Learn more about Google Analytics at 

Any information collected through cookies is stored until the cookies expire and is not used for purposes other than those specified in this Policy.

Our e-shop contains links to the web pages of other individuals, companies or organizations. Please note that the Company is not responsible for the content of such websites or the privacy principles used by them. Therefore, if you click on a link in our e-shop and you get to other websites, you should read their privacy policy separately.

Candidate data protection and handling conditions  

By sending his CV, cover letter or other documents, the candidate agrees and gives the right to UAB Rojaus baldai (company code: 302520294, Sodybų st. 8, Aukštelkė, LT-80181, Šiaulių district, tel: 8-41-374757, e-mail [email protected], hereinafter referred to as the Company) to process his personal data for the purposes of hiring employees, checking the qualifications of potential employees and evaluating their suitability for specific positions. The company processes only those personal data that the candidate provides when sending his documents (resume, cover letter, etc.). By sending his resume or cover letter, the candidate confirms that he has familiarized himself with the conditions for the processing of personal data of potential candidates and agrees to the processing of his data:

  • Name, surname 
  • Date of birth 
  • Address 
  • Phone number(s) 
  • Email
  • Education information 
  • Other data confirming qualifications 
  • Information about former workplaces 
  • Information about existing disability 
  • Information about the reasons for changing the workplace

Data acquisition source

The consent of the candidate and the resume sent by him.

The company may also receive information (after informing the candidate) from other third parties:

  • Persons providing recommendations
  • Current or former employers

The company reserves the right, in accordance with the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Law, to apply for information about the selected final candidates for certain positions.

Special data

The Company asks applicants to provide only that information that is directly related to the candidate's competence, skills, and experience and that can help to better assess the candidate's potential and career opportunities.

Personal information that is not significant for evaluating the candidate (political views, state of health, nationality, address, personal identification number, religion) does not need to be provided. The company is not responsible for the security of such additional data and its legal processing. 

Health data 

Data about the candidate's health during the selection process are collected and processed only for the purpose of evaluating his work capacity in accordance with the applicable legislation. Health data will only be collected in the final stages of selection (before a specific job offer is made) and only with the individual consent of the candidate.  

Data storage

After the end of the selection, the candidate's data is stored for 3 months. The data is processed for the purposes of hiring and assessing the suitability of the employee for specific duties. Therefore, when a suitable position becomes available, the Company will contact the candidate.

If the candidate does not want his data to be stored for 3 months, he can send the Company an e-mail Mr. [email protected] with your request to delete his data. This will not prevent the same candidate from participating in other selections announced by the Company.

Obtaining data from third parties

The company may receive the candidate's personal data from third parties, e.g. from employment agencies. If the Company invites the candidate for an interview, he will be informed about data processing by phone, and personal data will continue to be processed in accordance with the principles described here.

Sharing data with third parties

The Company can only transfer the candidate's data to the following third parties for processing:

  • For recruitment companies that help the Company in the selection of candidates and provide services related to selection, candidate evaluation and internal administration. The company provides only as much data as is necessary to provide a specific service;
  • To supervisory authorities or law enforcement agencies, if required by applicable legislation or in defense of legal claims.

Provision of data to external parties or recipients outside the European Union. The Company does not provide the candidate's personal data to external parties or outside the European Union.

Rights of a potential candidate:

After submitting your request by e-mail [email protected] candidate can get acquainted with his personal data processed by the Company, can request to change or update his personal data, indicating which data needs to be corrected or updated.

Candidates have the right to request to limit the processing of his personal data, except storage.

Processing of requests and complaints

The Company accepts candidates' questions, comments, requests or complaints by e-mail. [email protected]

The company undertakes to respond to them within 30 calendar days. If the candidate reasonably believes that his rights have been violated and the Company has not taken any action, he can apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate or defend his rights in court.

Final provisions

You have the right to access your data, which we receive through the use of cookies and process your personal data. You also have the right to demand the correction of incomplete, inaccurate data and the removal of information. If you have any questions or wish to exercise your rights, please contact us by email. by e-mail i[email protected] or in other ways indicated on this website.

All disagreements arising from the implementation of these rules shall be resolved by negotiation. In case of failure to reach an agreement, disputes are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.